Infertility & Perinatal Psychology

We offer a full range of services from the time that you are trying to get pregnant to when you give birth, focusing on maternal-infant mental health:

  • Help in the decision to have a baby
  • Support during infertility treatment
  • Drug-free treatment of anxiety and depression during pregnancy
  • Coaching for “Bringing Baby Home” to ensure the best possible adjustment to new life; to enhance and ensure good attachment process; to learn baby-cues; to prevent post-partum depression and anxiety, and to prevent marital distress
  • Coaching for successful “Return to Work” for new mothers
  • Treatment of post-partum depression, and post-partum anxiety

Infertility Support

Male factor infertility accounts for 30% to 40% of cases, whereas infertility related to women’s health is estimated to be 10% to 30% of cases.

Coping with infertility can be a significant psychological challenge. Some of the issues that typically emerge during this difficult time are: a loss of self-esteem; feelings of anger/guilt; general stress; feelings of inadequacy; anxiety; difficulty coping with the uncertainty of the outcome; difficulty coping with the treatment process; sexual disturbance; depression; and difficulties in the relationship with your partner.

People undergoing infertility treatment often experience anxiety over the uncertain outcomes of expensive procedures and must make difficult decisions about which treatments to pursue and whether to seek alternatives. It is important for the couple to feel like they are in charge of their medical decisions. Psychological counseling can help you cope with stress and help you with the decision making process during infertility treatment.

Perinatal Psychology

Pregnancy can both be a happy and a stressful time. During your pregnancy and immediately after childbirth, you may be faced with extreme moodiness, symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Perinatal psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with psychiatric and/or psychological disturbance of the mother during pregnancy. As many as 15% of women may become depressed or develop an anxiety disorder during pregnancy.

We use proven, research-based techniques for treatment of anxiety, depression and for couples therapy. Having these options is particularly important when the mother is trying to cope with emotional ups and downs without the use of psychotropic medications or at times where psychotherapy may be useful in addition to the psychiatric medication.

Maternal-Infant Mental Health

You are not alone… Research shows that the first year of adjustment is extremely stressful for the whole family. Levels of marital dissatisfaction escalate very significantly when the new baby comes home. In terms of prevention, we offer a coaching program to help prevent anxiety and depression and marital dissatisfaction.

After the baby is born, we have two lines of work:

  • Going Home with Baby: A coaching program for parents that can help prevent depression, anxiety, and martial disturbance.
  • Treatment of post-partum depression and anxiety:
    • We make sure that all involved, mom, siblings, dad, and baby, are achieving an optimal adjustment to the new life. It is key that during the initial stages with the new baby that the new family system is structured around healthy dynamics. We work with you to enhance your psychological readiness to bring baby home.
    • Treatment of post-partum depression and anxiety is essential. Research shows that both anxiety and depression can effect the healthy attachment process between the mother and the baby. Our work is to educate and support mothers and fathers during this important attachment process. We treat the mood or anxiety disturbance and assist the family in the new adjustment.

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