Beginning in the New Year, Dr. Eliana Cohen & Associates will be offering a CBT Support Group for women receiving infertility treatment:

Emotional support.
Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to help lower and manage stress.

Research demonstrates the positive impact of psychological interventions, including cognitive behavioural therapy support groups,on both pregnancy rates and psychological health in women dealing with infertility challenges.

A randomized clinical trial (Domar, Clapp, Dusek, Kessel&Freizinger, 2000) demonstrated the effectiveness of group psychological interventions (support groups and cognitive behavioral therapy groups) on pregnancy rates in infertile women. A recent meta-analysis also found evidence for a positive impact of psychological interventions on pregnancy rates (Hämmerli, Znoj, & Barth, 2009). Our group would focus on both support and some general Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to help lower and manage stress (e.g., relaxation, cognitive restructuring). Another meta-analysis demonstrated that technique-based group interventions with infertile individuals are significantly more effective than emotional expression or simple support groups in producing positive change across a range of psychological outcome measures (Boivin, 2003). Additional research provides further evidence of the effectiveness of CBT groups in lowering distress in couples scheduled for assisted reproduction (Tarabusi, Volpe, &Facchinetti, 2004).

Evening groups
5 two-hour sessions
Partner involvement optional
Covered by insurance
Located at Bloor and Avenue Road
Contact us for fees and start dates.


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