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About the practice

Dr. Eliana Cohen & Associates is a private psychology practice located on Bloor St. (across from the ROM). The practice has a special focus on anxiety and mood disorders as well as couples therapy. The practice excels at customizing treatments to the individual patients within an evidenced-based model of therapy. We use a wide range of therapy modalities and therapeutic techniques, but specifically target interventions to the needs of the patients.

It is worth noting that all services are usually covered by private health care plans. In the case of couples therapy, the plans of both partners can be combined. Significant symptom relief can often be achieved with short-term therapy and psychoeducational interventions that can be delivered within one to three sessions. We work collaboratively with primary care physicians and are able to assist in dealing with disability claims and return to work plans.

We believe that…

  • Psychotherapy needs to take into account people’s strengths… People usually seek help when faced with critical life transitions or stressful events. We believe that with the right tools, we can increase resiliency. Our focus is empowering individuals to problem solve and get in touch with their inner strength.
  • Psychotherapy should be based on scientific evidence… The field of psychology is constantly evolving with new research that helps us understand areas such as depression, anxiety, and human motivation. We base our therapy on evidence-based scientifically tested models and share this specialized knowledge with our clients.
  • Psychotherapy is an opportunity to gain new specialized knowledge…This knowledge helps enhance your own functioning and the functioning of your relationships.
  • Psychotherapy should feel like a dialogue… Our therapists play an active role in therapy, engaging you in a conversation. We provide lots of feedback during each session to help you learn and interact throughout the process.
  • Psychotherapy is solution focused… Our solution-focused therapy is results oriented. We are focused on helping you reach your goals as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
  • Therapy should do more than alleviate your symptoms it should build your Emotional Intelligence… Every crisis and/or challenge is an opportunity to learn about yourself and to learn how to get stronger. We teach you prevention techniques to help you avoid and manage relapses so you can get back on your feet quickly.

Our Process…

We provide you with a brief complimentary phone consultation, which is completely confidential.

This consultation involves a discussion about your needs, as well as answering any questions regarding the type of issues that we are qualified to treat. If your case is not appropriate to our practice, we will give you a recommendation to another practitioner or clinic that may be able to help you.

Following the consultation, we book your first appointment. There is no commitment for ongoing therapy. Frequency of meetings and the amount of sessions is a joint decision between the client and the therapist and can always be changed depending on whether or not your goals are being met. Generally people may choose to have either weekly sessions or sessions every two weeks. However, frequency can also be once a month.

Usually, one or two sessions are enough for you to start feeling some relief, and some clarity. We give you a lot of feedback, which helps you achieve a clearer sense of direction on how to start solving your difficulties. As well, the fact that you allowed yourself to talk about your issues with a professional will provide some immediate relief and renewed hope.


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