The fee per session is $390/hour (no tax).

All meetings are the same Fee: $390 per session.

The prices are the same for all initial assessments or all ongoing consultations.

On average our clients come for 3-5 sessions weekly or bi-weekly. The frequency of meetings and the overall number of meetings is not pre-determined and will depend on your interests and the scope of the work that you want to complete.

Clients generally choose to continue to meet with Dr. Cohen for consultations after they reach their initial goals. The clients decide on the frequency, and it ranges from once a month to every 6-12 months.



Your extended health provider covers the services that we provide under “Registered Psychologist.”

Your coverage should assist with a portion of the fees. Most people have coverage ranging from $500 to over $2000 a year. Registered Psychologists do not offer direct billing to insurance providers.

In cases requiring couples therapy or family therapy, all members are entitled to use their coverage.

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