What type of answer do you think you would get if you asked a married coupled how they are going to feel after their kids moved out? Free!?? Maybe not so much… While some couples may feel a sense of freedom after their children have grown up and developed some form of independence from the household, other individuals may feel terrified. After all, for many couples, this will be the first time they have been alone together for close to two decades. In her book, Grown-up Marriage, Judith Viorst talks about this very issue.

As Viorst declares, having more time with each other can be a source of pure delight or utter apprehension. For some couples, it is hard to imagine the lovers they used to be prior to having children. “What will we talk about? How should we act? What on earth are we going to do with all that time on our hands?” For some, the departure of children may force parents to confront problems that exist between the two of them, problems that could be pushed aside when the children were still in the house. Great at a family but not so great at husband and wife anymore? These feelings are completely natural and par for the course of growing old together. Confronting and talking about possible relationship issues that may surface once the kids leave home can make for an easier transition back to that “just the two of us” (in the house) state.

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