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Individual Therapy

The focus for Individual Therapy can be on

  • Symptomatic improvement
  • Building Emotional Intelligence (resulting in higher self-confidence and self-awareness)
  • Improving your work, personal and family relationships

Our approach…

  • We structure the therapy program to fit your particular personality and learning style. A number of theoretical approaches inform our work including: cognitive-behavioural therapy; psychodynamic approaches; systemic approaches; positive psychology; and communications theory.
  • We offer scientifically based interventions.
  • We are results oriented and directive, which means that you will get a lot of feedback along the way, giving you the ability to assess your progress. Therapy is a productive dialogue between the client and the therapist.
  • Our approach is focused on helping you resolve symptoms but also on teaching you strategies to help yourself and help you prevent and/or work through relapses efficiently.
  • It is your decision whether or not you do brief solution-focused therapy or whether you engage in a more long-term in-depth treatment process.

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