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Positive Psychology

Positive psychology has also been called the “science of happiness”. It is an area of psychology that is grounded in the latest research focusing on what helps individuals feel happy. We have been able to learn a lot about happiness and how to enhance and foster happiness in people. For instance, we know that optimism can be learned and that specific behaviours can enhance happiness significantly.

Positive psychology takes us beyond the traditional limits of psychology. It is not aimed at overcoming disease or adversity, but at improving your ability to enjoy life. It is usually offered in a “coaching” model with a limited number of sessions. The focus is on your strengths as opposed to your weaknesses.

Please contact us for a FREE consultation to see how positive psychology principles can improve your life.

Parenting for Emotional Intelligence

Using the latest research evidence, we work on helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses in parenting. Parenting techniques need to fit your personality and the personality of your child.

Most parenting courses are based on theories that have not been demonstrated. We give you specific tools that have been tested with years of studies looking at parents and their children.

We are equipped to teach you the RESEARCH-BASED techniques to help your child develop emotional intelligence.

Bringing Baby Home Programme

We assist mothers and fathers in the attachment process and enhance your psychological readiness for parenthood. We assess your strengths and weaknesses and ensure a smooth transition to parenthood.

Sleep Disturbance

We provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help you overcome and manage your sleep disorder. Research evidence shows that CBT, in the long run, can be more effective than medication in treating sleep disorders. Please contact us to see how we can help you.


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