Telephone Consultations

Dr. Cohen & Associates offers telephone consultations, of up to 6 sessions, for clients interested in expert assessment and analysis of specific problems. Such consultations are solution-focused around situational problem solving.

Consultations are often provided for, but not limited to:

  • Time-sensitive career decisions
  • Specific career or work challenges including job loss and/or transition
  • Managing stress
  • Relationship decisions including whether or not to end a relationship, partnership, or marriage / whether or not to begin a relationship, partnership, or get married
  • Decisions surrounding separation or divorce
  • Enriching or trouble-shootingexisting relationships (romantic, familial, professional)
  • Parenting concerns and challenges

Consultations provide you with:

  • Immediate and confidential services
  • Flexibility for those with busy schedules or limited availability to attend in-person counselling
  • Expert knowledge and guidance through each step or phase of problem-analysis
  • Thorough assessment of competing goals, values, and other tensions
  • Analysis of possible changes and barriers to change
  • New perspectives that have not been considered

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